Key Bindings

Trip.js would detect following keys to do relative actions after loading it.


When using Trip.js, after initializing, you will get a trip object that has several APIs that you can use with in different situation. And here comes an example :

var trip = new Trip([...]);


This is the entry point that to start the whole predefined trip.


This will finish the whole trip in time.


Sometimes, you may need to pause the trip for a while to let users do something, then, you can use this.


After a while, you want to make the paused trip back to work, you will need this one. But even if trip.pause() and trip.resume() sounds different, the implementation behind them are the same, so you can just treat them as same function but with different name.

Jump to the next step by default. If you do pass tripIndex into this method, then you can directly jump to that step.

Note: If you do put tripIndex here, for most cases, it means that no matter what canGoNext() value is, you are keen to go there, so that value will be ignored. (This is a small change from 3.3.0+)


Jump back to previous step.